Mountain House Just In Case Classic and Breakfast Meal Bucket Sale

freeze dried meals sale
Get a bug out box of freeze dried breakfasts or diner meals on the cheap today. Mountain House has most of there meal buckets at nearly half price.

Bucket of meals sale

The new versions of Mountain House Breakfast Bucket has a nice tasting selection of four freeze dried breakfasts in a super lightweight, reusable bucket, that can be efficiently stored and organized for your emergency food supply, camping kit or long-term food storage.

For almost 50 years, Mountain House adventure meals have consistently been the premier choice of campers, backpackers, and survival experts. Born out of freeze dried meals we make for the United States Special Forces, Mountain House food has proven history of reliability and most importantly, delicious flavor.

With just-add-water preparation and no-mess cleanup, Mountain House is the perfect camping food or backpacking food. And with our unique packaging technology our delicious meals have a 12+ year shelf-life – making them the perfect emergency preparedness or survival food.

Check out today’s deals on Mountain House buckets of meals here.

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