Ozark Trail 3-Piece Cook Set Review Video With Specs

Ozark Trail 3-Piece Cook Set Review
Good entry level stainless steal cook set that can be had for under $10. How could you go wrong with a basic camping cook set that can now be found at your local Walmart. Lets find out how good the quality is.

This Ozark Trail cook kit comes with a stainless 2 qt pot, stainless 1.44 qt pot and a universal lid. The best part is the sub $10 price tag. The set is made of durable Stainless Steel and both pots have folding handles. This set can be easily fitted to have a bail wire set up for hanging over a fire and the larger size of 2 QT. will handle larger meals like a family stew.

Ozark Trail 3-Piece Cook Set Pros:

Large nesting cook pots 2 qt and 1.44 qt
Full stainless to handle over fire cooking
Single lid fits both pots
Budget price of $9.88 in most stores

Ozark Trail 3-Piece Cook Set Cons:

Too heavy for ultra light backpacking
Just come with one lid
The silicon coating on the handles burns easy

Will be available on the Walmart site soon. If you are looking for a better quality camping cook set please look here.

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