Are Food Shortages Coming Soon In 2020 – 5 Things To Watch For

Are Food Shortages Coming Soon In 2020
Are food shortages on the way in 2020? Here are five things that will warn you about food getting scarce in the near future.

1 – Unavailable Field Workers. Not enough health field workers to keep up with the food demands.

2 – Reduced Trucking And Distribution. Drivers refusing to deliver into virus hot spots. Cargo ships not being allowed to dock because of sickness.

3 – Runs On Stores. People receiving their $1200 check then everyone in the country runs out and buys their supplies. Then it can take weeks to balance out the supply chain.

4 – State Lockdowns, And Martial Law. You could possibly be forced to stay at home for weeks at a time. Maybe not be allowed to go to the grocery store for long periods of time.

5 – Non-Traditional Way Of Acquiring Food. Bartering for food with neighbors. Finding small stealth farmers markets.

Thanks to Tuber ‘City Prepping’ for the great video he put together for us all.

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