Find Cheap Garden Supplies Planters At Dollar Tree Store

Find Cheap Garden Supplies Planters At Dollar Tree Store
The Dollar Tree store can be a great place to buy inexpensive gardening supplies and planters. Most people don’t think about how big the cost of starting a container garden can be until you see the prices of pots at a stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Large containers for planting in various sizes and shapes can be had at the Dollar Tree. They now have a garden section usually placed in the front right of the store. But, don’t only look there for planters. You can use their large drink buckets which hold over three gallons of soil. Also check out their back left wall that is loaded with various container sizes that can be used as gardening planters.

During March and April most of the Dollar stores have a big selection of seed packs, garden tools, watering cans, flower hooks, fertilizer, seeds and soil.

Thanks to Tuber “SunnySideUp with Nicole” for the store walk-through video below. More gardening tips here.

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