How To Make DIY Homemade Mini Oil Lamp Cheap

Homemade DIY mini oil lamps
Low cost homemade DIY mini oil lamp / lantern from items found around the house. This video tutorial uses mini bottles but the same technique can be applied to most any bottle with a lid.

Items used in the oil lamp build:
1. Empty mini bottles with cap.
2. Cotton cord for the wick.
3. Clean burning Lamp Oil

You will need a nail and hammer or something similar to make the small holes in the lids.

Most people don’t need to buy expensive oil lamp burners that are brass plated high dollar lanterns. These little handmade oil lamps might put out all the light you need. They work great as a kids learning project or can help you get through a long power outage.

1 thought on “How To Make DIY Homemade Mini Oil Lamp Cheap

  1. One small bottle oil lamp lasted my through a whole weekend of camping. You can’t get that much light out of a candle. Thanks for the oil recommendation above. It burned clean and almost smoke free if you don’t pull the wick up too high. My daughter enjoyed making them with me. Thanks again.

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