Axe And Knife Skills For Fire Making And Camp Setup Tips

Axe And Knife Skills For Fire Making And Camp Setup
Some great bushcraft tips for using your axe, hatchet, and knife form making fires and help setting up your camp. This is a very in-depth tutorial on how to prepare your camp firewood and tinder that works even in rainy locations.

Mike Pullen goes off into the woods to be taught basic beginner bushcraft tips from Bushcraft & Survival instructor Paul Kirtley. The long video is informative and goes through quit a bit of different techniques on how to use an axe, a knife, setup camp and light a camp fire. They cover some especially useful skills that can help people build their knowledge of Bushcraft and potentially help them in a survival situation. Mike and Paul also setup a camping location to do an overnight stay. Mike chooses a hammock and tarp setup, as the bugs are still active. Paul picks a ground sleeping layout with tarp on top.

Thanks to Tube channel TA Outdoors and Mike Pullen for this great bushcraft training video.

More videos on fire building.

Axe & Saw Technique: 2:31
Camp Setup at: 44:02
Knife Skills: 49:35
Fire Lighting Tips: 56:07
Friction Fire Lighting Tips: 1:09:14

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