How To Build Bushcraft Paiute Deadfall Trap For Killing Small Animals

Make a Paiute Deadfall Trap
This video will show you how to build a Paiute Deadfall Trap to catch small game. Building traps is an essential bushcraft survival skill and should help you acquire food in a real survival life and death from starving situation.

This is a very effective small game trap that dates back hundreds of years to the early Paiute Indian nations. The Paiutes are three related clans of Native Americans. The Northern Paiute, the Owens Valley Paiute, and the Southern Paiute, are the three groups having ancestors on land that is current day Nevada, USA.

Like most deadfalls traps, you use some type of weight like a rock. You also use a trigger rig to hold one side of the rock up off the ground until the critter crawls under for their snack. The differentiating characteristic between this deadfall and the others is the beefier and more sensitive trigger that can be built without the need of a blade.

If you like making own traps and snares you may be interested in a book like this. The Trapper’s Bible: The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting. It’s fun to bring a book like this out in the woods on a camping trip and see what kind of results you can get. That way you will be ready if you ever need to put food on the table when there is no other choice.

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