Hand Crank Lantern vs Solar Camping Lantern For Survival

Hand Crank Lantern vs Solar Camping Lantern For Survival
Hand Crank Lanterns vs Solar Camping Lanterns compared and which may be best for you in a survival situation.

Adam of “Let Us Try That” tube channel compares two different approaches to powering small camping lanterns. Also which works best for him and what may be the best solution for your lighting needs in a survival or prepper home.

The ThorFire LED Camping Lantern Lights Hand Crank Version he tested can be found below.
Basic info on the ThorFire LED Hand Crank.
ThorFire led lanterns have built in rechargeable batteries. No need to buy extra batteries anymore. It can be either charged via regular 5V USB charging cable or hand cranking when you are out of power supply. Idea light for camping, fishing, traveling, emergency, outdoor adventure and home use.

Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern Info:
Solar rechargeable, so you never have to fret about running out of batteries on your outdoor and camping trips. Can also be quick charged by USB port. Need to make an emergency call but out of batteries and away from a power source? No problem, the Kizen lantern can charge up your phone enough for you to make that call.

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