Why You Need A Sillcock Key In Your Urban Bug Out Bag

If you live in an urban setting, water could get scarce soon after things go bad. Often office buildings have gravity fed water systems. You can access the water from the outside by way of a locked water spigot. A Sillcock key, also known as a 4-way water wrench, usually will open 1/4 in., 9/32 in., 5/16 in. and 11/32 in. stem to service most Sillcocks on building sides.

These water spigots are often found on the walls of gas stations, rest stops, retail stores like Wal-mart, and big high-rises. Mostly where a business might need outdoor water. With the rising prices of water in many locations these days these businesses don’t want you taking it in the night so they choose to use a spigot that unlocks with a Sillcock key. These key’s come in 4 different sizes and I would recommend you buy a 4-way key if you will be traveling through and urban area just in case things go bad when you are in the city.

The guy below will walk you through the steps to get water from a building during desperate times. Please use a key responsibly. Use the key only for emergencies and never just to steal water or wash your car out behind the local warehouse.

You can find 4-way Sillcock keys here on the cheap.

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