What is the best oil for lamp to use indoors with no smell for prepping

Best lamp oil for indoors prepping
When the power goes out for a long time you will need oil lamps to complete tasks during the dark hours. Choosing the correct lamp oil for indoor use will make the difference between a odor free home and possible death from poisoning. You should choose wisely on the oil you will burn inside.

If you are putting together a prepper package for a long term power outage, an oil lamp is a must. One of the cheapest ways to go is buying K-1 kerosene from a local gas station to burn in your lamps. While this will work, many people can not tolerate the fumes kerosene puts off. The sulfur and other contaminates can be toxic in the long term. Make sure you keep a room that burns kerosene vented well.

The best oil to use indoors if you can afford it and it is available at the time is a oil blend made specifically for tight indoor spaces.

best oil for lamp indoors

If you need to buy buy the gallon or more I suggest trying a smokeless and virtually odorless oil which is a clean burning paraffin alternative called Firefly Clean Lamp Oil. If you follow their instructions when using, if is about as good of a bulk lamp oil you can buy.

In the end though, I usually stick with what I feel is the best lamp oil you can buy for indoors. Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is the cleanest burning oil, and nearly no traceable odor even when the wick is turned up high. It is even by fare the highest rated oil you can buy on Amazon’s site.

best indoor lamp oil ever

If you are a prepper, a survivalist, or just someone that wants to have a safe option to keep their home lit during an emergency. I just feel you can’t do any better than Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil.

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