Top wild edible plants and how to cook or make tea outdoors

how to find edible plants for survival
The best 20 common and easy to find wild edible plants. How to identify the plant, where they grow, and how to prepare each one to eat.

This hour and a half video is very detailed. It walks you through the finding of the plants in the wild. Then you get a good look at how each plant is prepared to made edible and how to get the plant to taste it’s best.

Here is the complete list of each plant used in this video below:

1. Dandelion Coffee
2. Cedar Tea
3. Sumac- Bush Lemonade
4. Chicory Coffee
5. Mint Tea & Iced Tea
6. Mint Dessert
7. Primitive Bread (Part 1)- Flour Substitutes
8. Primitive Bread (Part 2)- The Binder
9. Primitive Bread (Part 3)- Finished Product
10. Wild Grass Seeds
11. Plantain Ointment
12. Wild Apple Cider
13. Wild Apple Syrup
14. Wild Grape Juice
15. Hawthorn Berries
16. Mustard Garlic Plant
17. Mustard Garlic Vinaigrette
18. Black Walnuts
19. Rose Hip Tea
20. Yellow Birch Tea

Here Is A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants.

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