Making a cheap survival camp cook kit from thrift store gear finds

DIY homemade cook kit
Do you want to build your own cheap DIY camp cook kit with stove from items you found in a thrift store? This video will walk you trough some things to look for when finding survival cook gear at a thrift or dollar store.

In the video he shows us that by utilizing items found at a local thrift store to make a durable, lightweight cook kit at a total cost of under four dollars.

His DIY cook set build items:
Stainless Steel Cook Pot (3.5 cup capacity)
Homemade DIY Cook Pot Lid
Nested Stainless Steel Cup with Lip Guard (1 cup capacity)
Homemade Double-Wall Alcohol Fuel Stove
2oz. Fuel Bottle
Foil Windscreen
Super Lightweight Stuff Sack

He show us that by simply using a bit of creativity and ingenuity you can easily adapt pretty much any type of gear for nearly any outdoor activity, whether it be backpacking, hiking, bushcraft, survival or other.

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