Things to use if you don’t have a survival signal mirror to get help

survival mirror substitute
Most people don’t think about carrying a mirror or other device with them at all times in case they need rescued. Here are a few items you can use as a substitute for a signal mirror if and emergency occurs.

On a sunny day, a mirror is your best signaling device. If you don’t have a mirror, put a shine on your canteen cup, your belt buckle, or a similar object that will reflect the sun’s rays to a plane or rescue party on the other side of the canyon.

A small pocket or vehicle mirror.
A flashlight or vehicle light mirror reflector.
Broken pieced of mirror or glass.
Shiny tin can lid, aluminum foil, music CD, emergency thermal space blanket.
When it’s a sunny day you can use all these items for signaling for help.

Star flash style signal mirrors work the best for Sun reflection. Find them here.

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