9″ Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife Review Video

9" Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife Sale
Review video for the top selling knife on Amazon as of today. Sold under the name of 9″ Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife w/SHEATH Military Fixed Blade Survival.

This is a very capable survival knife for such a low price. Coming in under $10 most of the time this 5″ bladed knife is a 3.5mm full tang and stainless steel. The tanto style reverse saw back blade was designed with strength and durability to hold up well out in the field. This black nylon fiber handle offers a comfortable grip and has a lanyard hole on the end allowing you to attach some paracord for extra uses.

As you can see in the video it comes very sharp out of the box. Lets you use the knife right away without need to get out the sharping stone. The new version now comes with a better snap version of the nylon sheath for a more secure closure.

Buy the 9″ Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Knife Here.

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