How To Convert Hand Sanitizer Into Alcohol Fuel For Cooking Stove

Convert Hand Sanitizer Into Alcohol Fuel
This is a video demonstration of an easy method for how to distill hand sanitizer into an alcohol stove fuel alternative. You can find big bottles of this stuff at the dollar store and turn it into cooking fuel for a pack camping stove.

This not be the most efficient fuel source, but distilled hand sanitizer can be used as an alternate or emergency fuel when needed. The distilling process separates the additives and moisturizers from the gel, as well as renders it into a liquid form of ethanol. It can be used in certain pressurized stoves, but is most effective when used in a very basic metal container type “stove” in combination with a pot stand. The biggest benefit to this fuel is that it is commonly found and the stove set up can be easily adjusted to your needs.

You can find alcohol stoves that will work with this fuel here on the cheap.

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