DIY cook kit and stove for about 3 dollars and how to use video

cheap diy camp stove cook kit
This DIY video will teach you how to make an All-In-One cook kit that is comprised of a cook pot, stove, stand/windscreen, and the fuel needed to work. This inexpensive small combo is easy to put together and is a safer alternative to homemade alcohol stoves made from cans.

with the kit you will get a 10cm Imusa mug that serves as a versatile cook pot, a stand/windscreen which wraps around the stove/fuel canister for easy storage and transport, and a diethylene glycol fuel canister with a 2 hour total burn time.

The products used for this cook set can be obtained at your local dollar store and Walmart. The liquid “diglycol” fuel used in this system is a great alternative to methanol based gel chafing fuels in that it produces a higher heat output (approx. 890 BTUs), is non-flammable and safe, and can be sealed for later use. The heat output is not nearly as great as with typical backpacking stoves such as those that use alcohol or butane/propane fuels. This stove system does produce a nice mid-range burn however and allows for diversity when preparing meals other than those which simply require boiling water. All-in-all, a good option for the occasional weekend hiker, the “budget backpacker”, prepping, or simply as a backup cooking source when everything else fails.

More designs of Pack Stoves can be found here.

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