5 homemade weapons made with things you already have at home

5 best homemade weapons
If you are put into a survival situation where you are hunkered down in a home. You may need to come up with ways to protect yourself from others looking to do you harm. Here is a look at five homemade weapons that are worth trying to build yourself.

1: A Homemade Tazer – Can be built from a capacitor and an electrical plug.

2: A Multi Shot Rifle – Made from soda bottle, PVC pipe and an stove igniter.

3: Super Sharp Knife – Hand built from scrap steel and wood.

4: Pistol Style Revolver – Made from PVC, stove igniter, and rubbing alcohol.

5: A Mini Canon – Built with notebook, scrap wood, and firecrackers.

All of these weapons take a bit of time to build and they aren’t all the most practical for most situations. That being said, they sure look like fun making. Why don’t you give your favorite a try.

Here is a good list of books that will teach you how to make real survival weapons that you can protect your family with.

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