What does BOL stand for when talking about survival

BOL Bug Out Location
I often get asked what the term BOL stands for when people are discussing survivalist.

The answer I give is – BOL is short for Bug Out Location. This is your secondary survival location. The BOL is where you go when your home is no longer safe and must move to a protected location to occupy. It is good to make a plan for keeping your Bug Out Location stocked with needed supplies and able to give you a safe living location for a month of more if needed.

The best BOL should be close enough to your home to quickly get to it, and far enough away from the problems that could go down. 30 to 75 miles should be far enough if you’re traveling by vehicle, 20 to 40 miles if you’re planning to get there by walking.

More info on the best BOL – Bug Out Location set-up here.

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