Top five best knots for camping, survival, bushcraft or hiking

Best top 5 knots for survival and camping
Are you looking for some of the most useful knots that will help in the field? These top 5 knots video will handle most camping chores and simple tasks. Helps for surviving easier whether it be setting up a camp or tying off a clothesline in the backyard.

1: The Half Hitch Knot – The half hitch is a basic starter knot with plenty of uses ranging from securing a clothes line to tying a horse to a poll. The drag caused by the wraps of the rope is what holds this knot in place.

2: Fisherman’s Knot – It is two strangle knots that tighten the bond when under pressure, which makes this knot very tight. This knot, when you apply severe pressure, the ends can bind so hard, that untying the knot will be difficult to separate.

3: Prusik Knot – The Prusik Knot is a variation of the rolling hitch. Some people use it for rope climbing as it can be loosened to slide up a tight line.

4: Trucker’s Hitch Knot – A trucker’s hitch is essential for securing loads and tarps used as cover.

5: Clove Hitch Knot – The Clove Hitch is used to attach a line to an object, though not a highly secure knot. It is frequently used on boats for securing a line around a rail, post.

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