Lloyd Kahn shows off his Northern California half-acre homestead

Tiny Holm writer Lloyd Kahn
Video tour of tiny home and shelter writer Lloyd Kahn. Lloyd walks us around the half-acre property in Bolinas, California USA that he shares with his wife Lesley Creed.

His house is only a small portion of his half-acre homestead where he and his wife Lesley Creed believe in doing things for yourself, when possible. Besides tending the organic gardens (and dozens of free-range chickens), Creed is a natural dyer, quilter, sourdough bread-maker and believer in the “value of actually working, not just trying to figure out how not to work”.

Kahn’s enthusiasm for shelter extends to “building every place I’ve ever lived”, including his current home which started as a dome and is now a more traditional shelter capped by a 30-foot-tall hexagonal tower (the only remnant of the dome).

Here are many of the books that 80 year old Lloyd Kahn has written over the years.

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