Comparing some of the best bushcraft and camping saws to carry

Comparing bushcraft and camping saws
A breakdown comparison video of some of the top selling bushcraft and backpacking saws. He shows us how well each one works for him out in the woods.

Here is the list of his top choices in a packable saw to carry into the woods with you.
Bahco LaplanderFind Here.
The Bahco Laplander, considered by some as the best bushcraft saw available, has a black and green handle with a black coated premium Swedish steel 7″ blade. It has a push button that locks the blade in both the open and closed position. It measures 9″ overall when folded and weighs 6.5 oz.

Silky PocketboyFind Here.
The Silky PocketBoy is one of the most effective and well built folding pocket saws we have found. The PocketBoy 130 is 5″ long and has 7 tpi. This is a compact lightweight folding saw that will take up very little room in your pocket or backpack.

Silky GomboyFind Here.
This is a multipurpose folding saw with 9-1/2-inch blade and a very smooth cutting action. This distinctive saw has earned a reputation as the finest folding saw on the market. It’s a best-seller among both gardeners and woodworkers. Aggressive teeth cut with amazing speed in green or dry wood, cleanly enough for use as an installation trim saw or for a crosscut at the lumber yard.

adventuresworn Bucksaw – $90
Homemade Bucksaw – Make yourself.

I personally use the Bahco Laplander saw. I have carried the same one with me on trips into the woods for the last four years. It has never bent once on me and still cuts almost as fast as when new.

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