10 tips for backpack camping in the rain and how to do it well video

Camping in the rain
Why cancel your camping trip just because rain is on the way. Many of the best camping trips can be had during storms and solid downpours.

10. Do not even bother to go if you are not up for a challenge. Make the experience a way to train for an emergency or natural disaster.

9. Work on your survival skills in good weather. Bushcraft survival skills fade away when not used.

8. Buy a good backpack. It should fit your needs and be well built.

7. Put together a tarp shelter that will keep your supplies dry while setting-up a tent. Practice, practice, practice your setup in many different configurations.

6. Choose your tent carefully. Be very sure that it is easy to set-up, has a bathtub floor and is waterproof.

5. Build your camp on high ground. If not even a brief shower may wash your camp away.

4. Get your gear organize. Use garments as pillow. Store everything in plastic bags to keep dry. In hot weather, choose clothing made from synthetic materials that wick water away from your body. Try using wool in cold weather, since wool stays warm even if damp. Do not wear cotton clothing as cotton will hold moisture.

3. Make a campfire or carry a stove if you build a fire in your location. Work on different fire starting methods. Take care as sparks can melt and burn tarps and tents.

2. Get out and hike the trails. Trails will look different to you in bad weather. It can make an old trail come to life.

1 . Take care and be safe. Watch out for lighting and the possibility of trees or branches could fall on you.

Thank youtuber KennethKramm to the great video.

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